Herra Scarlet Rose

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Herra Scarlet Rose floral fragrance combines rose, jasmine, peony, magnolia and sweet pea with raspberry, apple, peach and tropical fruits. These notes intertwine with refreshing lemon, lime and orange together with base notes of musk, sandalwood and amber create depth for this romantic sweet scent.

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Rose Oil Extract, Jasmine & Lemon

Rose Oil Extract: Softens hair. Regular water typically contains minerals like calcium that can build up on your hair and cause it to become brittle.

Jasmine: Helps protect the structure of the hair and assists in providing protection against UV and colour fade.

Lemon: Helps provide ample hydration and seals in moisture, without weighing down the hair.

HERRA fragrances are designed to compliment your regular body perfume.

Denatured alcohol is the lowest molecular alcohol that creates the mist to disperse evenly across the vail of the hair. The alcohol evaporates as soon as it's sprayed so the natural active ingredients work on the hair.